Shooting tours

Incredible military and shooting tours

Our company offers you a unique chance to try a military tour on the Olympic training base of the shooting sports near Kyiv. The tour is guided by the best instructors. All the military tours include transfer from Kyiv to the base and back, instructions and other services of English-speaking instructor. The price of the shooting tours depends on the number of people going, kind of weapon and amount of shots.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to the nature of any shooting activity it’s strictly prohibited to be under alcohol or drugs influence. The following will not be allowed to take the tour under any circumstances.

Shooting tours

You can book next kinds of shooting tours:


Sporting is a kind of shooting sports; shot firing with sporting and hunting rifles on moving (flying and rolling) targets of various shapes — skeet, propellers, discs.

AK-47 shooting

AK-47 is a famous Soviet weapon; AK-47 tour includes single shots in semiautomatic mode or burst in automatic mode.

Dragunov sniper rifle shooting

It is the most popular military tour in connection with AK-47 tour; tours are available in English and German.

Archery and crossbows

You can try weapons of the Middle Ages!


A cool activity for fun company of friends.

Armored vehicles riding

An exciting extreme riding on the Soviet Army vehicles on the territory of the base.

Shooting gallery

It is also possible to make military tour with few weapon shooting on your wish.

This tour will be interesting for everybody!

Even if you are not a fan of shooting sports or military tours, we think it will be an interesting experience and exciting activity for everyone.